SUB TEI - Gallery and Event Space

SUB TEI is a young gallery project in the Wildenbruch Kiez of Berlin Neukölln. Our aim is to bring together international and local artists from a broad range of disciplines for regular group shows and to offer the space to selected art projects.

Founded in 2018 and directed by artist couple Constanze Schweda and Henry Rusted, the gallery follows an alternative concept. Sub Tei is not a commercial gallery, but rather an artist led project space for exhibtions, events and short residencies. We hold short exhibitions, some of which we curate ourselves, such as 48h Neukölln, others are curated by the invited artist groups themselves. The artists are responsible for the transport and presentation of their work. We encourage international artists to join and are happy to help with the organisation where needed. All exhibiting artists get listed on our website. Between exhibitions, the gallery is used by Berlin guests and visiting artists.

SUB TEI Gallery - Layout
SUB TEI Gallery - Layout


We offer the use of the gallery to art collectives who don't keep a permanent exhibition space. Many such projects are dynamic groups with a more spontaneous set up, with individual curatorial themes, and are in need of temporary gallery space. We support this trend and welcome exciting art-projects to be guests of Sub Tei. Where desired we are happy to offer our input and as hosts and gallery owners we will be involved to some extend in the background.

We value the concept of sharing and circulating and offer the space free of charge, and no commission on sales. Instead we expect one artwork from each exhbiting artist which is meaningful to her/ his practice. The idea of an art donation instead of charging for gallery hire works both ways, and we had some great experiences with cash-free exchange in the past. All donated works will be collected and auctioned at a later point.

If you would like to be considered for one of our future events or for the gallery space please get in touch with us.

SUB TEI represents the exhibiting artists only for the duration and in context of each exhibition.


Between November and February, we are able to offer artists and curators short residencies in SUB TEI. You can work and live in SUB TEI and use the space to showcase your work.

Perspective residents can contact us with samples of their work and a brief concept for their own show at SUB TEI. Residencies generally run for the period of one week.


If you would like to provide support to our artists or help fund a residency, please contact us to find out more about our partnership scheme.

We are also open to galleries and institutions from outside Berlin using our space as a spring board for their own artists.