From Boom to Bust

Under this motto Sub Tei hosts a mix of realities and interpretations. The current situation around Covid-19 is challenging for all and concepts already developed need to be rejigged and adapted.

On show online are video works and during the 48h of the festival the public space in front of the gallery becomes the stage for real installations combined with virtual content. To maintain the festival spirit from previous years we have an exciting online live program with sound / poetry / performance and music directed by Sarah McCabe throughout the weekend.

To kick off the festival we would like to invite everyone to join our virtual vernissage via Zoom, with a live concert followed by Q&A. Come and learn about the artists and their work! During the festival, we will be posting video documentation from the various livestreamed events on our Facebook page. Feel free to check it out and comment.

Online Artworks

On-line, we are showing works by the following artists throughout the weekend:

Stefan Saalfeld


Installations at the Gallery

In front of the gallery, we have two AR installations over the duration of the festival. To view the installations you will need to download the [Zappar App][za] on your smartphone.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the gallery will remain closed for the duration of the festival! The artwork can be viewed from the street.

We will be showing works by the following artists:

Online Performances

Sarah McCabe has put together a performance program for the whole weekend.

We will be showing performances by the following filmmakers, performers and artists:

Open Microphone

On Saturday Sarah McCabe will be hosting an open microphone event for artists, performers, poets and musicians.


Please note that all times shown here are local Berlin times. Click on the event pages to find a description of the event, links to the livestreams and event times in your local timezone.


  • From Boom to Bust - Opening Event - Friday, 19:00 Berlin time
    Opening event for 48 Stunden Neukölln 2020 followed by a live program curated and organized by Sarah McCabe


Throughout the Saturday we will be showing long streams from the following artists:

  • Cristina Vila Nadal
 - Wonderful Struggle -
  • Liam Eliot - Sound Fisher - sound & video installation livestreamed from a small river in Canada

  • Lalianna
  • Stefan Saalfeld

20:00 Berlin time: Open Microphone MC'd by Sarah McCabe