Christina von Grote

Medium: Painting
Website: https://www.cgvg.eu


Christina von Grote was born in Göttingen / Germany in 1965 and graduated at the Kunstakademie Munich in 1993, as MA in Interior architecture.

She is working as a painter in Berlin, Hamburg, Paris and Milan Working and living in Hamburg/ Germany.

"In my works colourspaces are created through the principle of inner landscapes. Fragments of remembrances, the secrets of life extracted from urban and natural experience at the same time. Fractures and contrasts are combined in coloured areas, subdued and sensible linked through accents. The works are inspired by the concrete art movement which leads a spiritual dialogue between harmonious proportions in a spiritual universe."

Projects and Exhibitions

  • 2022 comebeck - Fläche, Linie, Raum, Homburg/Saar, Deutschland
  • 2022 GEDOK, Hamburg, Deutschland
  • 2022 Art Karlsruhe, mit Comebeck und Kunsthaus Goettingen
  • 2022 ARTES Berlin -daydreaming, Berlin, Deutschland
  • 2021 INCorporating Art Fair, Hamburg, Deutschland
  • 2019 position., bbk Hamburg, Deutschland
  • 2019 comebeck, Homburg/Saar, Deutschland
  • 2019 artmuc, München, Deutschland
  • 2018 huntenkunst, Ulft, Niederlande
  • 2018 artmuc, München, Deutschland
  • 2018 altonale, Hamburg, Deutschland
  • 2017 kap hoorn, Bremen, Deutschland
  • 2017 artmuc, München, Deutschland
  • 2017 art pul, Pulheim, Deutschland
  • 2016 xpon-art, über[s]malen Hamburg, Deutschland
  • 2016 altonale, Hamburg, Deutschland
  • 2016 Galerie KuRa, Hamburg, Deutschland
  • 2015 Galerie Bauer, Hannover, Deutschland
  • 2014 Jessica Bauer Finearts, Hamburg, Deutschland
  • 2013 Deja Vue Lebensart, Goettingen, Deutschland
  • 2010 biroshow White Gallery, Milano, Italien
  • 2007 Galleria Paula Verrengia, Salerno, Italien

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