/Groundless: an endless pursuit

Opening: 11th November, Friday 18:00, Live shows (see below)
Closing: 13th November, Sunday 17:00

With an absence of a point of reference we peer through a magnifying glass of melting ice ages, human potentials, swaying horizons and speechless chats. A world full of firemakers. We meditate to the sound of an unreachable destination and try to recall a feeling we are already familiar with: groundlessness. An endless pursuit, with goals that remain unreachable and disguised.


Live Acts

During the opening on Friday 11th there will be live performances.

Society for Nontrivial Pursuits - "Society for Nontrivial Pursuits"

Complex behaviors, whether in feedback systems, chaotic circuits, social systems or computer programs are fascinating objects of study. The Society for Nontrivial Pursuits (present, past and future students, alumni/ae, teachers, and associates of the class Generative Art / Computational Art at UdK Berlin) explore the possibility spaces of such systems for experimental performance. We design, build and program our own audio/visual performance systems based on a variety of devices, sensors, analog electronics, and software synthesis. We deploy them in extremely diverse projects between installations,performances and experiments.

S4NTP has been active since 2010, and comprises a flexible team with a wide range of artistic and technical experience. We hold regular performance evenings (Spektrum Berlin 2014 - 2018, Arkaoda since 2019) and exhibitions in Berlin, and have performed and exhibited at festivals, conferences and exhibitions worldwide (Austria, Slovakia, Great Britain, Turkey, China).

anne wellmer - "zeitraffer"

a remixed collection of. stories. sounds. images. processes.

HAI Trio

Main actors in HAI Trio are Isak, Alberto and Hannes and their more and less autonomous music machines. Most of these diverse devices – they range from acoustic to electroacoustic, analogue and fully digital – are self-built or -coded. Without defining a prior protocol to orchestrate all these agents' behaviour in tandem, the goal of the game is to merge digital, electric, telematic and telepathic codes so that the sonic stream merges into a common flow that lets the piece emerge in the moment of its creation.

Pes - "I build my language with rocks"

‘I build my language with rocks’ is a sound performance that emerges from a network of objects; shells, crystals, seeds, bones, water and sand are activated as resonators by speakers attached to them. Such activations unfold a sonic sculpting process which comes to be throughout their material interactions; an assemblage that leaks through the sonic porosities of the basins they re-generate.

Zhiping/ NOEZA - "carbonylation"

All carbon-based organisms will cycle through the Möbius ring until they are in focus again.


Acrartep is the moniker of artist Eugenio Petrarca, created for performance solo and with collaborators. Member and co-founder of the ambient project Ab uno. His compositions are spontaneous arrangements of modular synthesizer patch pieces. Acrartep research is based on Ambient Music, where each sound gets its unique sonic character through a combination of overtones.

Jiawen Wang - "TrainsGrainsRains"

"TrainsGrainsRains" is Live computer algorithmic music, which is inspired by Iannes Xenakis. Microsound technic, Pulsar Synthesis, Gendy are being reimplemented. In this piece Jiawen explores the tension of the silence and noise, macro and micro, minimalism and maximalism.

Emiliano Salvatore, German Garcia and Andres Ortega - "Sounds and their digital residues"

Free improvisation exploring the dialogue between acoustic, electro acoustic instruments and the digital processing thereof. Processed electric guitar and processed trumpet will be accompanied by digital manipulation of the sonic traces they leave behind.

randomized issues

Conversation between non-predictable sonic targets