Oezcan Ertek

Medium: Media art
Website: https://ozcanertek.com
SoundCloud: Seratan

Oezcan Ertek
Oezcan Ertek


Özcan Ertek(1989, Istanbul), musician and artist based in Berlin, completed his master's degree in Sound Engineering and Sonic Arts at Istanbul Technical University Istanbul MIAM-Music Advanced Research Center in 2015. Afterwards he completed a diploma programme in the Art and Media department at the University of the Arts Berlin. Ertek, who previously received a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering, produced works in various art spaces, galleries, event venues and sound studios in Istanbul. Since November 2018, Ertek has been exhibiting kinetic sound installations featuring new media and kinetics in Berlin, as well as performing as a musician.

The development of computer technology in the last two decades has led to the creation of sophisticated interfaces that utilize different types of sensors as well as interactive art. Ertek's interdisciplinary works examine these new areas of multidisciplinary research, since his primary artistic practice includes new media, generative art, live performance of music, media arts with computers, and sound.

Oezcan Ertek, air sculptures
Oezcan Ertek, air sculptures

Air sculptures

Air Sculptures are kinetic sound installations that bring kinetic movement and indeterminacy of air into sculpture form. Responding the ambient conditions, they create endless amount of possibilities in the sound medium. As an intervention in public spaces, Air Sculptures perform the ambient conditions such as wind and tries to emphasise the sense of a landscape.

Oezcan Ertek, melting-soundscapes
Oezcan Ertek, melting-soundscapes


  • 2022 „Groundless", Awards 2022: Art-Space lab 48h_neukoelln
  • 2022 „The Edge of the Alps“, Audio-Visuelle Performance, Flachauwinkl, Austria
  • 2022 'Echos aus der Pohlstraße'', Sense of City austellung, Zwitschermaschine, Berlin
  • 2022 Live audiovisual performance (as Seretan), Vorspiel CTM x Transmediale Silent Green, DE
  • 2022 Algorave performance, Vorspiel CTM x Transmediale, NoVilla, DE
  • 2022 Live Audiovisual Performance at ACUD, DE (as Seretan)
  • 2021 „No Win Situation“, Audio-Visuelle Performance, Treptower Ateliers, Berlin
  • 2021, FutureVoices by artist collective S4NTP for Radio Lab Kontinuum ( Deutschlandfunk Kultur and CTM ) CTM Festival, Berlin, DE
  • 2021 Society for non-trivial Persuit, Audio-Visuelle Performance, State Studio, Berlin (as Seretan)
  • 2020 Expanding Spaces, Frontyard C/O Berlin Berlin, DE
  • 2020 Never Lock a Running Grid - FutureLab Exhibition, West Bund Dome, Shanghai
  • 2020 „Strange Things“, Audio-Visuelle Performance, Silent Green, Berlin
  • 2020 Audio-Visuelle Performance, Moving Poets Novilla, Berlin