Jens Tiemann

Medium: media and digital art
Website: https://www.jenstiemann.de


In 2019 he graduated from Münster School of Design. During his Bachelor of Arts he visited the Faculty of Design, Technology and Communication in Lisbon. His final work What’s not real was exhibited at msd Parcours in 2019. Shortly after, he got a lectureship to thereupon teach techniques of compositions in 3D-visualisation at Münster School of Design – until now. Professor Wenzel S. Spingler is his mentor.

At present, he studies Visual Communication at Universität der Künste Berlin and is a Master student of Jussi Ängeslevä’s New Media Class, well known as the digitale Klasse.

His media art focusses on the space between reality and virtuality, between truthful and illusory worlds: how they can interpret each other, what can happen on their edge today in terms of art and design in the future.

Projects and Exhibitions

Project: Groundless, Awards 2022: Art-Space lab 48h_neukoelln

  • 2022 48 Stunden Neukölln, SUB TEI, Berlin, Germany
  • 2022
  • 2021 Valentinswerder, Berlin, Germany
  • 2021 Vorspiel transmediale, designtransfer, Berlin, Germany
  • 2019 parcours, Münster, Germany
  • 2018 Cinema no Estendal, Lissabon, Portugal
  • 2017 Cinema no Estendal, Lissabon, Portugal
  • 2016 Unabhängiges Filmfestival Osnabrück, Osnabrück, Germany