Jasperi Wirtanen

Medium: Film
Showreel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_PN3RYSWyw


Jasperi Wirtanen is a filmmaker and musician based in London currently developing work exploring AI, both as a cultural subject matter and collaborator.

Projects and Exhibitions

Real Fake Birds is the first performance in Soy Show: AI, a series of collaborations between Jasperi and various artists of different disciplines creating work about and alongside A.I. to explore our artistic understanding of the emerging technology as we enter the beginnings of an AI boom.

Real Fake Birds is a improvised duet between a human and a flock of AI Birds. Created using an algorithm called flocking it mimics how birds fly together. Craig W. Reynold wrote the original Boids Flocking Simulation in 1986, and Trent Gill wrote this one dimensional version for the Monome Crow (a Eurorack module). Liam Elliot converted Trent Gill's code from Lua to ChucK so it could run on a computer and wrote the Max interface. Sarah McCabe wrote and performed the fragments of material to feed into Boids.

Jasperi is currently working on a piece with the tentative title of ‘The shade will come in the morning’ involving AI generated singing.