Henry Rusted

Medium: Sound and Concept art

Taking Care of the Little Things
Taking Care of the Little Things

Lives in London and Berlin, co-founder of Sub Tei gallery

Locked down in London during the Berlin festival 2020 his contribution ‘Post Boom’ is a mix of augmented and ready-made reality. To be enjoyed on site.

Henry likes to work with ready-made sound. He creates rhythm from the ticking of a watch, harvests the noise of electronic devices, brings found sounds to the surface and adds an element of composing.

Projects and Exhibitions

  • 2020 ‘Boom to Bust’, augmented and ready-made reality installation
  • 2019 'An Orchestra of Things', sound installation, 48h Neukölln 2019, SUB TEI, Berlin
  • 2018 'Realtime II', Friends of interpretable spaces, Group exhibition at St. Augustin's Tower, London
  • 2018 'Realtime', during 48h Neukölln 2018, SUB TEI, Berlin
  • 2017 ‘Outside Inside’, Crouch End Festival, London
  • 2016 ‘Taking Care of the Little Things’, Gesamtkunstwerk. Group show in Hornsey Town Hall, London
  • 2003 Galerie Weisser Elefant, Berlin, Sound trees