Francesco Gioacchini

Medium: Painting & Installation
Website: https://francescogioacchini.com

Francesco Gioacchini
Francesco Gioacchini


Francesco Gioacchini’s work moves between couples of opposites, investigating the relation between image and nonimage, abstract mark and figure, drawing and painting, in a wider framework which addresses the implications of personal memory in their correspondence with the contemporary aesthetics.

There is not a clear distinction between the medium of drawing and painting in Francesco's practice, they usually lay in the same perimeter, overlapping themselves and influencing each in the process of creating the work. Along with bi-dimensional works, Francesco Gioacchini uses everyday objects to create site-specific installations. Clothes, plants, documents, flags are some of the elements Francesco incorporates in his artistic research.


Francesco Gioacchini is a Berlin-based Italian artist working with drawing, painting and installation. In his practice the artist explores the ambiguity of the image along with the aesthetics of cancellation. Francesco studied painting in Italy, at the Academy of Fine Art of Macerata, and in 2019 he moved to Berlin after being selected for a residency.

During the last five years, Francesco Gioacchini’s works have been exhibited in Italy, Germany and the UK and published in catalogues, art magazines and websites such as Artribune, Exibart, Segno, Lampoon, Artsy, Artland, Arte, Juliet, Arshake among others. He recently completed a commissioned mural painting at Soho House Berlin.