Fausta Joly

Medium: Poetry and performance
Website: www.jolylicks.com


Fausta Joly is a poet and events producer instilling the message, with her Arts Events Company, Joly Licks, that Creativity Is A Guarantee of Sanity.

Poetry is one of the easiest ways to unlock self-expression as it can be done anywhere and everywhere. It’s a great way to expand people's minds and engage them with their creativity. Delivering workshops for just over a year now, participants have gone on to produce their own work and events from the connections made at a Sip + Rhyme event. Exploring a myriad of themes, we set out to create an environment where people will continue to make.

Projects and Exhibitions

  • Joly Licks - ongoing
  • October 2018 - an arts festival in an evening - The Sane Asylum - inviting a troupe of artists and performers for a program of dance, theatre, spoken word and art.
  • September 2019 - launched Kollide
  • October 2019 - curated a special Sip + Rhyme for Shout Out festival at Applecart Arts.
  • Winter 2019 we approached a charitable organisations with SCTea & Rhyme for Spitalfields Crypt Trust - aiding people of the streets and onto the path of recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.

Various collaborations with gallerys: V.O.Curations and 253 Hoxton and artist organisation Ricochet Arts - at the beginning of this year - curating a workshop in tandem with their exhibition of sculptor - Fergus Sindall’s art. This lead is to create a model called Write For Arts Sake - working with gallery’s and artists to produce poetry workshops in relation to the art and having the artist present adding a deeper understanding for both parties.

Since 2018 we have been hosting at least one - three events each month with our audience still growing

This is still our mission during Covid-19 and we are already creating online platforms including workshops; open mics and competitions under the festival name of The Lockjaw. Live streamed events under #theunlocking. Our partnership with Kollide Zine - a new publication founded by Illustrator, Matt Wisner - pairs artists all over the world with poems and we edit it in a printed magazine.