Cristina Vila Nadal

Medium: Film
Website: https://cristinavilanadal.com


London-based director Cristina Vila Nadal is spending time filming in response to the global forced to stay indoors. Her riveting mix of DV raw footage and animation provides the foundation for her multilayered projects that question and explore what it means to be isolated through the aesthetic lens of intimate imagery.

'My background comes from a wide variety of projects, ranging from art direction (concept, shoot direction, pre and post production), film (concept, directing and editing), publication, exhibition and branding.

I like combining old and newer techniques, rethinking and redesigning traditional styles, merging different ideas, paying attention to legibility and detail, functionality and clear concepts.'

Projects and Exhibitions

Wonderful Struggle

Wonderful Struggle is a subjective commentary on the exponential maddening of long confinement. Presented as a continuous loop, the overall aim is to condense lockdown emotions and actions into single-focused frames, to once again echoing the narrative of a body and mind in crisis.

Played together with “Fifth World Fifth Wave” by Ikävä Pii, a track that pairs "fifth world" music creation with a post-capitalist vision, released via ‘Too Much Information’