Anouk van der Voet

Medium: dance and performance

" Pulse "


Anouk van der Voet
Anouk van der Voet

Amidst Sub Tei ’s resounding theme of “Loud” within the festival ’s Urban Silence, another contrast unravels when a figure, a seemingly still sculpture within the space, comes to life. The movements that emerge from stillness echo the rhythm of the sounds and motion within the cityscape, each gesture a silent narrative within the gallery’s space. As the performer comes to life, the interaction with the environment becomes a reflection of urban existence, conveying stories of solitude and connection, between silence and noise.

Concept, Choreography, Performance: Anouk van der Voet | Photo: Melinda Dela Costa

Anouk van der Voet, urban waters
Anouk van der Voet, urban waters


Anouk van der Voet was born in 1992 in the Netherlands. Growing up, she attended Youth Theatre School Rabarber in The Hague, where she was first introduced to acting, dancing and performance art.

At the University of Amsterdam she completed a degree in international law, and at the same time she turned more towards dance and movement in the Amsterdam scene.

In 2020 she moved to Berlin, where she completed two intensive dance training programmes at Berlin Dance Institute and Seneca Intensiv. She continued her training through many workshops, such as Althea Dance Company’s In Mo&on performance workshop and Paris Summer Academy 2023, where she worked with ULTIMA VEZ Company and Oriantheatre.

She made her debut as a creative director and initiator with her performance work “A hilarious yet depressing Collection of Data” in collaboration with Jenny Helene Wübbe for 48 Stunden Neukölln 2023.

Her work is a fusion of dance, intuitive movement dynamics and performative elements. Since 2023, she is also a member of Dance Company SI under direction of Robert Schulz.